The main priority when packaging products is to ensure they are protected. Void fill is a protective packaging material which is used to cushion or pad your product so that it does not shift in transit. This is also known as a “filler”, and is purposed to fill the empty spaces in your packaging boxes.

The 2022 Buying Green report found that consumers are 57% less likely to buy products in packaging they consider harmful to the environment, proving sustainable packaging is of high importance to many consumers. Read on and explore your options for eco-friendly void fill, so you can make the switch from foam or plastic, to sustainable alternatives!

Biodegradable Peanuts

One of the most well-known void fill option is packaging peanuts. Little peanut-shaped foam pellets are used as a filler, in bulk, to prevent movement in packages. However, as eco-friendly alternatives increase in popularity, there are now biodegradable peanuts available. These are not only cost-competitve, but also protect and cushion with the same quality as regular polystyrene peanuts. You are saving money, and the planet, all while protecting your product!





Bio-Film and Paper Pillows

AirWave® bio-film and PaperWave paper pillows are excellent alternatives for your void fill needs. Paper pillows are made from 80% recycled paper, making them biodegradable and fully waste paper compliant. These simply disolve with paper waste and/or biowaste. This product also carries the RESY symbol (DIN 6120) which allows for easy-sorting as paper waste in waste paper systems. In addition, bio-film pillows are made from potato starch and maize starch, making them composed of renewable raw resources which are fully compostable and 100% biodegradable. When discarded of, bio-film takes three months to break down; used bio-film can also be composted in your home!

Both paper, and bio-film pillows, require AirWave® machines. Please visit for more info

Green Line Paper

This void fill option is made from 100% recycled paper and is compatible with Fillpak and Trident fanfold converters. Green Line paper is a fantastic shock absorber, and protects fragile items from the adverse conditions which can arise in the shipping process. This voidfill paper is FSC®-certified, curbside recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable. Going Green Line is an economical and easy-to-use void fill solution, which scores cost-savings!

If you are unable to determine the best choice of void-fill material for your needs, contact us and we’ll send a packaging expert your way to assist you better!