Choosing The Correct Shipping Mailer

If you are considering using a mailer to deliver your goods safely, you have many options to choose from. Choices include standard flat, bubble, poly, eco-friendly mailers, and more. When choosing the best mailer for your application, take into consideration your protection needs, budget, and how the mailer will be sent.

Advantages of shipping mailers

  • Mailers do not require any void fill
  • Mailers use less material than corrugated boxes, making them a sustainable choice for senders
  • Most mailers are self-sealing which saves time for senders to use extra materials such as tapes and adhesives
  • Mailers can be stored flat so they don’t take up too much storage
  • Shipping/postage costs are cheaper for a mailer than for corrugated cartons


Uses for mailers

  • Small hardware and parts
  • School/office supplies
  • Books/catalogs
  • Clothing/apparel
  • Small gifts
  • Documents
  • Much more


Keypak offers the following types of Mailers

  • Kraft bubble mailers- Ideal for e-commerce businesses. These are lightweight so you can save on postage. Usually, the most inexpensive option
  • Poly bubble mailers- lightweight, water-resistant- great for clothing/apparel, shoes, electronics, soft goods
  • Metallic thermal bubble mailers- ideal for short term thermal shipping protection for perishable food items, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive shipments
  • Stay flat mailers- made from cardstock, kraft paper or thick white paper. These are ideal for shipping paper documents, thin booklets, and folders. They are a cost-effective solution for avoiding damage to your documents.
  • Curby Mailers (eco-friendly)- recyclable, easily disposed with all your other recyclable materials. Ideal if you are wanting to reduce environmental footprint.

Cost savings with mailers

  • Mailers cut shipping costs directly – you can save as much as 50% on shipping/mailing costs
  • Mailers are less material than boxes, making them a cost-effective alternative
  • Mailers are known to increase packaging line production and efficiency
  • Most mailers are self-sealing, making it easier to save on extra special tools or materials required

To maximize your cost savings, ensure to use the correct type and size of the mailer for your items.  As discussed, mailers are economical and do not take up too much storage, so you can easily keep multiple mailer options in stock. It is recommended to have your packing station contain a variety of sizes you may need.


Note, cheaper is not always better. Cheap mailers may be made of lower-grade materials which may tear, rip or puncture easily and cause damage to your goods. The most important thing to keep in mind is which mailer will provide the best protection for your item while in transit.


If you are still unsure which mailers would suit your packaging needs, reach out to us at