A safe alternative to steel strapping!

Steel strapping has long been used where strength is required to hold down or constrain heavy objects or shipments. This is due to the perception that “steel is strong” and the assumption that it is the only thing strong enough for those heavy loads.

If you are using steel strapping to secure your outgoing shipments or internal product transport and storage, it’s time to look at another option. Whether your loads are heavy, light, bulky and irregular or uniform there is a solution that will make using steel strap seem like an ancient method from the distant past. That solution is polyester strapping. Polyester strapping has been around since the 60’s but never really made it into the limelight until more recently. It is available in different styles to suit what you are using it for and out-performs steel at almost every turn. How does it out-perform?

    There are no sharp edges when Polyester strapping is cut, and it does not spring back like steel banding. This quality offers a safer user environment to employees, customers and machinery.
    Polyester strapping is as strong as steel with comparable break strengths. Due to the elongation properties and it’s ability to absorb shock, Polyester strapping requires more energy to break. It is also five times lighter allowing for ease and flexibility of use.
    The soft and flexible texture of the strapping protects the most sensitive products reducing the need for additional protective materials. It is safe on virtually all surfaces which minimizes waste and eliminates costly re-work. Polyester strapping does not corrode, rust, or stain your products.
    Polyester strapping is a cost effective alternative to steel strapping and eliminates the “hidden costs” such as; damaged products,  worker injury and tooling repair costs. Polyester strapping tools are only a fraction of the cost to buy and maintain as well as having a longer use life. Only a single tool is needed to tension and secure Polyester strap and the wear and tear is minimal. Repair costs when required are also much lower than steel strapping tools.
    Polyester strapping is environmentally-friendly and disposal is hassle-free. Polyester strapping eliminates the need for any specialized disposal equipment and can be put with regular industrial waste or effectively recycled. It can also be re-tensioned if required and the strap and buckle can be re-used in some applications.
    Polyester strapping uses a steel wire buckle to secure the ends creating the strongest joint available. Joint efficiency is the measurement that is calculated to determine what the actual strength of a strap is and at what point the band will fail. The joint itself is the weakest point of the strap applied to your load and is affected many factors like the tool used, condition of your banding tool, the banding itself, and seals. Polyester strap when installed correctly, can attain almost a 90% joint efficiency, which is 10 – 20% higher than steel.
    Your company name and/or logo can be printed directly on the strap for security or a cost effective brand building strategy.

KEYPAK stocks Polyester strapping in various sizes and types. If you want to see how this can make your workplace safer and more efficient, call us today!

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