Protect Your Workforce

To obtain operational efficiency, it is mandatory for businesses to safeguard their workforce. Read on to discover safety must-haves for warehouse environments.

Anti-fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats are recommended in a warehouse workspace to promote employee wellness, morale, and productivity. These mats are known to reduce spinal compression and increase circulation. Keypak’s tough and durable mats are designed to guarantee reduction of back, leg, foot, and ankle fatigue.

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Floor Marking Tape

To maintain safe distance from stored equipment and hazardous zones, marking tape is a necessary reminder for warehouse workers.  It is known as a safety-enhancing tool which is also versatile.  Our floor marking tape can adhere to rough and tough surfaces, and can also be removed promptly and effortlessly.  Floor marking tape is available in bright and identifiable colours.  To align and dispense the tape easily, you can also check out our floor marking tape dispenser!

High-Vis Safety Wear

Marking and identifying hazardous zones are important, but workplace safety extends beyond this procedure. It is required and, in most cases, a legal requirement to have your workforce clearly visible and guarded from injuries by representation of proper, high-visibility apparel while being present on the worksite.  Keypak carries a variety of safety gear which is suitable for your company’s workforce. Check out our safety vests, traffic harnesses, and face and eye protection! More PPE is available on our health and safety webpage.


Traffic Visibility Mirrors

With workers walking from place to place, and heavy machines and forklifts being present in the traffic lanes, the warehouse floor can be a very busy place.  While your workforce may have the proper training and be aware of the procedures of warehouse safety, it is beneficial to have proper safety equipment present as well. Traffic visibility mirrors are one of the top safety products that mitigate risk of on-site accidents.  These can assist workers to see around blind corners.  Keypak carries a 360° full dome mirror with an open top. This mirror does not only prevent accidents due to blind corners, but also, increases surveillance in the warehouse.

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