Robo Wrappers

Firstly, introducing the all-new manual wrapper, The Marathon. The only non-electrical robot in the world, capable of pallet wrapping with LLDPE pre-stretch film. It’s the most ergonomic solution for the user. Not only is it safe and secure, but it also helps the user to achieve a better working environment. It works by the action of the operator!  The Marathon replaces manual wrapping-all at an affordable price.


Some main key features of the Marathon include:

  • The film carriage is manually moved up and down to suit the required wrap
  • Parking brake
  • Easy reel(film) change and adjustable service height
  • Mechanical brake manually adjustable

Next, Keypak introduces the all-new wrapping robot with patented ARYA Technology, the Neos model, which boasts a groundbreaking innovation in the world of semi-automatic stretch wrappers. The Neos model is the only robot that can be equipped with ARYA, a new patented technology that makes the wrapping process fully automatic, eliminating the need for operator intervention in hooking the film to the pallet. The Neos model’s fully automatic cycle is achieved without using compressed air or mechanical options susceptible to wear and tear.

This model features eye-catching lines that break away from the traditional design of wrapping robots. It inherits all the expertise of Atlanta Stretch and includes the possibility to choose between PRS and PS carriages.

The Neos model is equipped with a dual-motor PS pre-stretching carriage that guarantees the lowest film consumption and highest functional reliability in the wrapping machine market. Furthermore, it has an increased battery capacity of 120A, and a new operator interface with a 7-inch touch screen panel that can be programmed quickly and easily. LEDs indicate the machine’s current status.

With its PS carriage and ARYA system, Neos is a ground-breaking robot that the market has been eagerly waiting for!

Some main key features of the NEOS include:

  • Manual machine movement: Steering arm for moving the robot manually inside the workplace
  • Fork slots on both sides of the wrapper for easy transport
  • Polycarbonate, impact proof, safety bumper
  • Maintenance-free, sealed batteries – no transport restrictions and possibility to recharge the robot in working area
  • Operational Panel: easy-to-use, multifunctional programmable control panel
  • Automatic film cutting device at the end of the cycle
  • Easy reel(film) change, adjustable service height

Keypak offers both of the following carriages:

PRS (Power Roller Stretch): Motorized pre-stretch system with 3 drive rollers electronically controlled with interchangeable ratios: 150-200-250%. This is a semi-automatic machine and requires the user to hook the film to the pallet at the beginning of the wrapping cycle.

PS (Power Stretch): Motorized pre-stretch system with 3 drive rollers and 2 motors adjustable between 120 to 350% from control panel. This is a fully automatic machine that applies the film automatically with the ARYA system.

  • Optional features include:- Geo Magnetic Compass (GMC)-allowing the starting and stopping position to be the same when wrapping distinctive pallets and many more!

If you are interested in further information on these new Robo Wrappers, or in any of our new products, please email us at and we will be more than happy to connect you with a sales representative in your area.