Packing With Bubble Rolls

When it comes to packaging and transporting fragile and delicate items from point A to point B, bubble rolls are considered an essential resource. Although many people assume that there are no certain methods needed when packaging your products, there are specific procedures which should be followed to ensure the protection of valuable goods during transit. These procedures include the correct use of bubble rolls  to ensure smooth transportation.

There are three essential requirements when packaging your products using bubble:

Requirement #1

All fragile and delicate items must be wrapped up in bubble before they are packaged and shipped.  You will need to place your item right on to the bubble roll sheet and cut it so there is enough to cover the item entirely. You can never have too much bubble packaging around your product. The most effective and easiest way to package using bubble, is by using a bubble roll dispenser or stand.  Bubble rolls have two different sides. One side is completely flat, while the other most known side has the tiny bubbles. The bubbles side is what cushions the product while the flat surface faces outward. You can hold the bubble packaging together with tape to ensure it stays in place while in transit.

Requirement #2

While in transit, you want to ensure the bubble wrapped item is secure to avoid breakage.  To avoid movement of the product, you will need to cushion the “white space” in the box. You can assess how much space you need to fill after you have placed the wrapped product in a box. Once you have an idea where the empty space is,  you can use bubble to fill it up, or alternatively, consider using air pillows.

Requirement #3

Bubble rolls have multiple uses apart from being just a packaging resource. If you have some bubble roll left over from your packaging task, you may want to consider it using it for the following:

  • Insulation: Bubble is a natural insulator. The air inside the bubbles creates a barrier that keeps warm air trapped. You can insulate your windows!
  • Gardening: Protect newly planted seeds and delicate plants on cold days
  • Matting: Bubble can also be used as cushioned matting. If you are kneeling during gardening, or working on a task at work or home, cut a sheet of bubble roll and place it under your knees as a mat.
  • Many other awesome uses!

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