Grip Systems

Grip Film- Unique Self-Gripping Stretch Film

 Grip Film is a high-yield, lightweight, sustainable solution that is used globally to reduce clients’ carbon footprints, with a reduced consumption of up to 50% material. Which means there is less plastic needed per wrap, which results in huge cost and waste savings

Why choose Grip Wrap?

  • 40% Reduction in Time, Waste and Cost
  • High Strength and Puncture Resistance
  • Guaranteed Load Stability
  • Climate Resistance
  • Easier, lighter, and faster to unwind, control and apply

Grip Film is also available in other colours such as: Black, Blue, Yellow, Red and Green.

Why Coloured Film?

  • Conceals valuable goods to deter light
  • Protects shipments from harmful UV light
  • Visually identify shipments
  • Quiet unwind cast film

Grip Stretch Film Dispenser- Innovative Pallet Wrap Technology

This system offers a variety of benefits to maximize safety and improve load stability. Weighing less than 1kg, the easy-to-use Grip Applicator is ergonomically designed to reduce health and safety risks related to single hand wrapping and improve efficiency by 40%.

Key Features of the Applicator

  • Twist lock film tensioning- user can set desired film tension with the lightweight tension mechanism
  • Magnetized dispenser- the applicator can stick to any metal surface in the warehouse which eliminates tripping hazards from loose rolls of film, on the floor
  • Super lightweight and easy to use- less than 1 kg -eliminates any strain on the operator and improves wrapping time and quality
  • Rapid roll change systems- core of the Grip Film is designed to line effortlessly with the Grip dispenser-provides maximum control and rapid roll change


 How it works

  • Drop the roll of film into the dispenser
  • Set the perfect tension
  • Securely wrap your load
  • Remove and replace roll

Grip Systems Video

Below you will find a short demonstration video of the grip film and dispenser.





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