In the 3PL and distribution ring, getting shipments out the door, on time, every time with no in-transit damage are key to the bottom line. Increased labor & transportation costs along with growing global competition means that cutting costs and increasing efficiencies are key to maximizing revenue.

A major contributor to the expense ledger are the consumables that are required but seldom directly recovered on the profit side. One of the single largest line items is pallet wrap which is increasing in use due to its ability to unitize loads effectively and efficiently. The cost of pallet wrap is not the sticker price on the product itself however. In order to accurately assess what this cost actually is, how it can be reduced and what the impact will be requires the answer to three questions;

  • What are the dimensions (length and width) of one load; and how many revolutions of wrap are being put on that load? Also take into account whether the loads are typically nice and square or irregular.
  • What is the true gauge, width, and length of the current film being used? Is it working appropriately with no load failures?
  • What brand of stretch film equipment is being used? All stretch film equipment manufacturers have their own designs specifically relating to how film is stretched through the carriage head and delivered to the load. It is important to know how each design affects the delivery and stretch of the film.

Answering these questions can be done without much difficulty, but analyzing how the answers impact costs saving is a bit more difficult. The good news is that KEYPAK has developed a system to make this easy as well. Utilizing specialized test equipment and recognized metrics we are able to calculate an accurate and documented cost-per-load.
In addition to the analytics, KEYPAK has a line of patented stretch films that have the ability to outperform the competition enabling additional savings potential. PowerWrap™ is an evolutionary machine film that is changing the way the industry wraps pallets. This film offers exceptional load containment and control, outstanding holding force, and unbelievable puncture resistance while reducing the cost-per-load shipped. This is a machine film that delivers impressive performance… and puts the most profit back into your bottom line!