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Add a protective layer that safeguards valuable goods during the shipping process.


  • Seal closure for easy use
  • Made from recycled paper
  • 3/16″ bubble lining for maximum protection and ease of use
  • Light weight to save on postage costs

XL for Big Deliveries (14.50 x 20 inches):

Designed for:

Larger electronic devices
Small appliances
Bulky or irregularly shaped items

When your products demand more space and robust protection, the 14.50 x 20-inch Kraft Bubble Mailer steps up to the challenge, offering a secure haven for your most substantial shipments.

Larger Electronic Devices: Say goodbye to worries about transporting larger gadgets or electronic devices. This XL mailer ensures a snug fit, providing a protective cushion against bumps and shocks.

Small Appliances: For those compact appliances that need a bit more room, this mailer accommodates items like blenders, coffee makers, or other smaller household essentials with ease.

Bulky or Irregularly Shaped Items: Irregularly shaped items can be a challenge to ship, but not with this XL mailer. Whether it’s an artistic sculpture or an oddly shaped product, this mailer provides the space and protection necessary for safe delivery.

The 14.50 x 20-inch Kraft Bubble Mailer is not just a package; it’s your go-to solution when you need extra room and uncompromising protection. Its bubble lining ensures that your larger electronic devices, small appliances, and irregularly shaped items reach their destination unscathed, showcasing the perfect blend of size and security for your big deliveries. Trust in the reliability of this XL mailer to meet the demands of your most substantial shipments.

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14.5" x 20"

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