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  • ƒHeavy-Duty steering wheels and rollers provide superior performance
  • 6.25” W x 48” L Forks
  • 27” frame width
  • Capacity: 5,500lbs


Proper Loading Techniques:

Dos: Distribute the load evenly across the forks to maintain stability. Ensure that the weight is centred to prevent tipping during transport.
Don’ts: Avoid overloading the pallet truck beyond its specified capacity, and never place the load unevenly, as this can compromise the truck’s balance.

Regular Maintenance Essentials:

Dos: Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, including routine checks for hydraulic fluid levels, brake functionality, and lubrication of moving parts.
Don’ts: Neglecting regular maintenance can result in decreased performance, increased wear and tear, and potential safety hazards.

Operator Safety Protocols:

Dos: Ensure that the operator has undergone comprehensive training on the proper use of the pallet truck, safety features, and emergency procedures.
Don’ts: Do not allow untrained personnel to operate the pallet truck, which can lead to accidents and injuries.

Adhering to Weight Limits:

Dos: Respect the specified weight capacity, ensuring the pallet load does not exceed the recommended limit.
Don’ts: Avoid overloading the pallet truck, as it can strain the equipment and pose a risk to both the operator and the goods.

Safe Loading and Unloading Procedures:

Dos: Secure loads properly before transport using straps or other appropriate restraints. Exercise caution during loading and unloading to prevent accidents.
Don’ts: Avoid attempting to move unstable or unsecured loads, as this can lead to shifts during transport and pose a danger to both the operator and those nearby.

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Standard Duty 5500lb

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