Cleá Care Essentials is a brand of restroom essentials that satisfy a growing demand for highly-effective, environmentally-friendly product alternatives that exhibit tremendous value for end users.

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Clea Industrial Soap & Dispensers

  • Environmentally friendly with 100% biodegradable walnut shell scrubber
  • Extra cleaning power from soybean oil based formula

  • Light scent and dye free

  • Conditioners for maximum skin protection


Clea Foam Soap & Dispensers

  • Concentrated foam provides up to three times as many washings as liquid

  • Full-bodied formula enriched with vitamins and moisturizers.

  • Sealed refill for the ultimate in hygiene.

  • New foam pump with each refill for no clogging or dripping.

  • Dispensers offer a generous portion of thick, rich foam

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