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Ice Melter

Ice Melter

One bag of ARCTIC BLAST has the same melting power as six bags of traditional Rock Salt. Fast acting. Arctic Blast goes to work instantly and keeps on melting for an extended period of time with a residual action that can prevent re-freezing for up to 24 hours. Non-WHIMIS controlled. No harmful ingredients. Safe around children and pets. Safe to handle. No gloves or special protection required. Non-calcium chloride formula. Contains CMA, natures proven corrosion inhibitor. Gentle to shrubs, grass & vegetation. Will not harm well-cured concrete. Non-tracking. Will not damage interior carpeting or flooring when used according to directions. Extended shelf life. Store Arctic Blast all year long without it hardening and clumping. Special formula keeps melting even when the outside temperature drops below -18C

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JA.49022.9 Arctic Blast Ice Melter
Arctic Blast Ice Melter
20KG Bag $20.00 $18.00 $16.00 Add
JA.49990.9 Plastic Scoop
Plastic Scoop
Each $12.00 $9.00 $8.00 Add
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