Protective Packaging



Drive down damage claims with the GREEN alternative to loose fill, foam-in-place and bubble wrap. SFI approved and compostable! Made from waste board.

Ideal for shipping multiple items of different sizes, shapes, fragilities and densities all in the same box!

Applications include: industrial & automotive parts, lighting fixtures & parts, ceramics, medical/ dental supplies, food & restaurant supplies, pumps & motors, dinnerware, and mass distribution.

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Product # Description Unit 40 Bundles 80 Bundles Qty Add to Cart
KS.60105.9 ExpandOs VF, 40 Bundles/Skid
ExpandOs VF, 40 Bundles/Skid
25 Cubic Feet/Bundle $82.00 $72.50 Add
KS.60107.9 ExpandOs HD, 40 Bundles/Skid
ExpandOs HD, 40 Bundles/Skid
25 Cubic Feet/Bundle $96.50 $88.00 Add
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