Material Handling



Platform Shipping Scale An everyday workhorse in warehouse or QC areas, shipping/receiving or institutional/ factory use and any parcel check-weighing

Low Profile Floor Scales Ideal for shipping and receiving areas

Counting Scales Used for counting and quantity checking

Bench Scales Ideal for warehouses and factories for testing and sampling, check weighing in packaging operations

Utility Scales Heavy-duty, general purpose, suitable for light industrial or shipping requirements


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WW.84197.8 Electronic Portion Control/Office Scale
Electronic Portion Control/Office Scale
$156.00 Add
WW.84180.8 Bench Weighing Scale
Bench Weighing Scale
$454.00 Add
WW.84190.8 Bench Counting Scale
Bench Counting Scale
$599.00 Add
WW.84195.8 Bench & Platform Scale
Bench & Platform Scale
$866.00 Add
WW.84196.8 Heavy Duty Floor Scale (3-5 day lead time)
Heavy Duty Floor Scale (3-5 day lead time)
$2259.00 Add
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