Sweeping Compound

Sweeping Compound

  •  Oil based compound picks up and retains dust/ dirt while sweeping

  • Suitable on most floor surfaces, finished or unfinished

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Product # Colour Description Unit 1 2-4 5+ Qty Add to Cart
JA.41200.3 Green Sweep Eez
Sweep Eez
20 kg/ box $26.00 $24.00 $22.00 Add
JA.42145.3 Green Sweeping Compound
Sweeping Compound
136 kg/ drum $117.00 $113.00 $110.00 Add
JA.39790.1 10oz. Electronic Duster (Air-In-A-Can)
10oz. Electronic Duster (Air-In-A-Can)
6/ Case $11.05 $10.75 $10.00 Add
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