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Ergonomic Products

Ergonomic Products

  • Ergonomically designed personal protection products
  • Reduce injuries from impact, vibration and repetitive motion in all work environments
  • Increase worker productivity

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XS Up to 25in (64cm)
S 25-30in (64-76cm)
M 30-34in (76-86cm)
L 34-38in (86-97cm)
XL 38-42in (97-107cm)
2XL 42-46in (107-117cm)
3XL 46-52in (117-132cm)
4XL 52-58in (132-147cm)







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Product # Size Description Unit 1 2-4 5+ Qty Add to Cart
JS.64890.8 Small ProFlex mesh back support
ProFlex mesh back support
Each $41.74 $39.75 $37.94 Add
JS.64924.8 Fall protection kit w/ lanyard
Fall protection kit w/ lanyard
Each $178.20 $169.71 $162.00 Add
JS.65641.0 Vest Style Harness Medium/Large
Vest Style Harness Medium/Large
Each $88.00 $86.00 $82.00 Add
JS.65061.0 Vest Style Harness, Universal Size
Vest Style Harness, Universal Size
Each $150.00 $147.00 $142.00 Add
JS.65872.0 Shock-Absorbing Lanyard
Shock-Absorbing Lanyard
Each $87.50 $85.00 $83.00 Add
JS.65279.0 Self Retracting Lifeline
Self Retracting Lifeline
Each $215.00 $209.00 $202.00 Add
JS.64898.8 Back Support - Medium
Back Support - Medium
Each $19.00 $18.00 $17.00 Add
JS.64897.8 Back Support - Large
Back Support - Large
Each $19.00 $18.00 $17.00 Add
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